Welcome to American Lift Technology by Custom Cabs Inc.

Custom Cabs Inc. was established in 1998 to fill the need for custom residential as well as commercial elevators. We can also provide you with components such as a cab only, or entrances,etc. We can provide you a complete elevator package for a residential, or commercial elevator.

We are highly experienced in all types of observation elevator cabs, wrought iron elevator cabs, wood interior finish elevator cabs or any other type of special elevator cab that fills your needs. We can also take care of your special elevator entrances, elevator fixtures, cab accessories & architectural metal work.

Our exclusive under the platform door operator "Galaxy" is specially designed for glass and observation type cabs. It makes it possible for a smooth clear and low profile top of car.

We work with architects and designers and use 3-D modeling software to show how the elevator will look and make sure there are no miscommunication with the design intent. We assemble all our products 100% and you are welcome to come and view them before we package and ship them out.

Custom Cabs Inc. Corporate Office
in San Diego, CA.